Youtube Channel For those that wanna go there.

Otherwise here are some of my more popular videos:

Major League Chuckers 6

Major League Chuckers 5

The Desert Tech MDRX

2019 Late Season Cow Elk Hunt

Shooting Long Range With a Short Barrel

Operation Quarterlord, the 25 Creedmoor

MDR Mixer

2018 Bull Elk Hunt

The Desert Tech MDR

MDR Assembly

2018 Utah Mule Deer Hunt with Coldboremiracle Junior

My First Year with the Desert Tech SRS

The 556 MDR

The ES Tactical 6.5 Creedmoor for the MDR

MDR Caliber Conversion

The Desert Tech MDR (round two)

2016 Bull Elk Hunt

A First Deer For Coldboremiracle Junior

MDR Suppressor Party