Would you like help marketing your products?

We would be happy to help you in any way we can;
-Product Content Generation
-Detailed Analysis, Product Testing
-Social Media Management

From our Friends:

“Coldboremiracle, how true it is. We, as in Precision Rifle Solutions, had the good fortune of being introduced to Coldboremiracle incident to him being a customer in early 2014. Coldboremiracle’s product feedback and encouragement to promote our product line outside of my technical and social media skill set has set us on a course to improve our market presence far beyond my initial comfort level. Coldboremiracle is more than an ambassador for our products, he is a respected subject matter expert and valued resource to discuss products, their application, presentation to the shooting community, and a friend in the industry. He has generated text, amazing photographs, and excellent video promoting our products for which we are grateful. Opportunities to have someone like Coldboremiracle work with us out of his interest and belief in our product and business reinforces our belief that good products are one thing but great people really make the difference.”

Danel Jenkins
Precision Rifle Solutions


“Coldboremiracle has helped me test and develop new products, and help show them to my customer base. He also helped spread knowledge of my products across various outlets that helped produce more business. We frequently touch bases to discuss new product ideas.”

Mark Gordon
Short Action Customs
(440) 309-0085



“I met Coldboremiracle several years ago when I was just starting HopticUSA, he introduced my product to several manufacturers, propelled our footprint in the gun industry and doubled our followers. Coldboremiracle has continued his support through social media and his personal contacts in the
firearm industry.”


Matt Stoner
Hoptic USA