“Gun Nut” was just the beginning, I have since tumbled down a rifled rabbit hole. This is the place where I share my adventures, lessons, and many other tidbits I hope you might find interesting. Most if not all of it is centered around family, hunting, fishing, and shooting sports.

I grew up in the in the shade of the Rocky Mountains of Utah. I come from a long line of outdoors-men, and they made sure to share their passion and knowledge with me. Though I have traveled to many parts of the world, my heart remained based here in these dry desert mountains. I spend most of my spare time enjoying these passions in the same canyons and hills I have since I was a boy.

I am mostly self-taught when it comes to shooting, few things have consumed my minds activities more. I love to read, test, and evaluate theories and equipment. Much of my experience has come from doing just that. I am lucky and blessed to have a job that I love working for Desert Tech , this has helped me learn more and more every day about guns, shooting, and everything related. As well as giving me many opportunities to exercise and practice these disciplines.

Myself, Mrs. Coldboremiracle, Benson my dog (AKA Benson_the_spotter), and my kids  bring our version of outdoor adventure. I hope you find something here that you enjoy!