shooting the CZ P-10S

The Affordable CZex Appeal of the CZ P-10S Compact 9mm Pistol


With so many names in the firearms manufacturer world, it’d be hard to swing a dead cat in any gun store without hitting a good one. CZ-USA is another one of the big names in the gun world, and today we will take a look at one of their handguns for which they’re so famous; The CZ P-10S.

The P-10 series of pistols is a polymer frame striker fired line of 9mm handguns. Today we will take a specific look at the P-10S which is almost the smallest of the P-10 family, with a focus on use as a concealed carry weapon.

I am a bit of a CZenophile, and having been a fan of the European firearm manufacturer I was excited to get hands on the P-10S. And as soon as I opened the box I felt that old feeling coming back again. The initial impressions of the pistol are very positive; the trigger feels great, the sights pop and even with its small size it can carry a healthy CCW payload of 12+1 before any alterations. I expect I am going to enjoy shooting this pistol.

Unboxing the P-10S

I opened the polymer case that contained the pistol, and was greeted by a pretty familiar spread. The pistol laid in foam with an extra twelve round magazine, and a few other extras. There were two additional back-straps to change out to fit the shooters hand, and a couple extended magazine floorplates. There were also a few cleaning tools and allen wrenches for adjusting the pistol setup. And of course there was the typical cheap gun-lock forced upon gun manufacturers by our sophomoric legislators.

The P-10S in its factory hard-case

I lifted the pistol from the case, and started right into playing with it. The slide locks open quite easily on an empty magazine, perhaps it needs a little breakin as well. As the slide release is pretty stiff with an empty magazine in the gun, though it’s certainly easier with a loaded magazine.

I found the standard magazine floor-plates to be just a little bit small for my hand size. Certainly useable, but the extended floor-plates also included fit my hand perfectly. I suppose for ultimate concealability the standard length of the magazines might be beneficial.

Snapping the trigger a few times to see how it felt made me like the gun just a little bit more. The trigger has a blade safety, and it breaks quite consistently as far as my finger feels it. The reset feels good too, the whole operation got me eager to get this CZexy little pistol on the range.

I inspected the optics ready slide, a fantastic feature that more and more modern handguns are incorporating. I was for sure going to remove the base-plate to install a red-dot to see how I liked the P-10S with an optic.



After getting hands on a case of 9mm 115 grain ammo from Ammo To Go, I grabbed a few other items and my range bag before Junior and I headed into the hills to shoot the P-10S.

With a few targets setup, we started stuffing magazines full of Federal Champion 115 grain cartridges. I am definitely going to get a good holster to use with this pistol, to see how well I can shoot it from the draw.

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Loading mags was a lot more time consuming, and a chore compared to unloading them with the P-10S. We ran through several magazines of ammo so quickly I had to start keeping track.

The little CZ was a smooth shooter, I oftentimes find very small 9mm pistols to be a little more uncomfortable due to the reduce purchase on the smaller grip. The P-10S was not that way, it was quite comfortable and easy to keep on target.

My son also spent a great deal of time shooting the pistol, his hands are a touch smaller than my own. Which made the P-10S a perfect fit for him (and started a conversation about switching ownership of the pistol).

The factory sights were a great fit for my shooting style. I really appreciated the sights lining up almost every time I presented the pistol. It also made me anticipate adding a red dot even more.

Pros & Cons


  • Great trigger
  • 12+1 magazine capacity
  • Optics Ready
  • Chamber Indicator
  • Partially pre-cocked striker
  • Picatinny accessory rail
  • Reversible Magazine release
  • Ambi Slide-release
  • Included extended mag floor-plate
  • Interchangeable grip backstrap
  • CZex Appeal
  • Undercut trigger-guard
  • Trim & smooth edges to avoid snags


  • Grip is a bit small for bigger hands
  • Slide release is a tiny bit stiff

P-10S Reliability

One of the reasons CZ pistols are so popular is because of their long history of service. Many CZ pistol designs are working hard right now all over the world. The P-10S carries on this distinguished service history.

We shot several hundred rounds through the P-10S, and we will surely be shooting many hundreds or thousands more. The only malfunction experienced during my testing was a single case of stove-piping the last round on one occasion. I dont know the cause of this malfunction, but it was the only one we experienced.

P-10S Accuracy

The 3.5 inch barrel of the P-10S is more than accurate enough for CCW purposes. During the course of our shooting, we were easily able to keep shot groups under three-inches at 10 yards. As a CCW pistol I think that is plenty accurate enough, and that is without searching for other ammo choices. Perhaps with better ammunition selection the pistol may shoot even better.

Overall Feel of the P-10S

The overall feel of the CZ P-10S is fantastic. My initial feeling of the pistol was that it could use some improvement. But after shooting it significantly on the range I feel much better about it. The grip texture could maybe be a touch tougher, but that’s easily remedied.

The short grip space was also easily corrected by adding the extended magazine floorplates. The slide cuts made the pistol very easy to operate in most any condition. The great trigger and other functions of the P-10S added to the positive impression left on us by the pistol.

My son did mention that with the extended floorplates he did manage to pinch his finger a few times while shooting. This might be something easily corrected with practice.

Firearms Depot also has a great selection of CZ P-10 pistols

P-10S Features

Optics Ready Slide

The optics ready slide of the P-10S accepts the very popular Holosun 407, 507 and 508 patterns. This also makes it compatible with other red dots like the Trijicon RMR and the Riton X3 Tactix. The added capabilities of the red dot sight allow the shooter to keep their focus on the target instead of the sights.

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Ambidextrous Controls

For those with left-handed disabilities, the P-10 family of pistols is an excellent choice. The slide release is ambidextrous, and the magazine release can be reversed easily. This gives lefties a great option for a pistol without having to give up compatibility.

Picatinny Accessory Rail

The picatinny accessory rail allows quick and easy installation of a good weapon light. For a CCW pistol like this it is hard to beat something like the Streamlight TLR8 for a good fit and bright performance.

Report Card

Reliability (8.5-10)

Other than the one stovepipe, the P-10S functioned flawlessly. It seemed to get better with more use as well.

Ergonomics (8.5-10)

The ergonomics of the P-10S were very mainstream comfortable, by that I mean it feels like it will fit most shooters. The controls are easily operated (after a little break-in) and adapted to lefties too. The grip angle makes for great target acquisition and sight picture.

Customization (9-10)

The ambidextrous capabilities of the P-10S make it very convenient for most shooters. The optics ready slide makes it easily adapted for whatever sight option you chose. And with good aftermarket support, there are lots of good accessories and add-ons for the P-10S.

Appearance (8.5-10)

The P-10S has a fantastic CZ look to it. Despite its affordable price it looks like a higher priced pistol. The finishes and fitment of the pistol parts give a very professional appearance.

Value (9-10)

I was very surprised how affordable the P-10S is. For the street price you get a pistol that punches above its weight for sure. It does everything that more expensive pistols from other big names in the market accomplish, arguably better in many cases.


A holster for sure

Something simple like the Comp-Tac IWB holster would be a good way to keep the P-10S close and ready. Though to be totally honest holsters are so subjective you’ll really need to try them for yourself.

Weapon Light

A good weapon light would be an excellent companion for the P-10S, I think I am going to order a Streamlight TLR8 to go along with the P-10S. It has good light rating, and also includes a laser.


Sig Sauer P365

For a little more money than the P-10S, you can also get a Sig Sauer P365. I happen to belong to the Sig cult, so this would be an easy splurge for someone like me. The P365 also uses 12 round magazines and allows an incredible collection of aftermarket accessories.

Glock 43X

The Glock 43 is also an easy choice to make. While still a bit more expensive than the CZ, it does give up some magazine capacity. Though it is also a little bit more compact so you can pick your poison.


I think the CZ P-10S was definitely a solid buy for me, and I would do it again. In fact I may start thinking about getting a full size P-10 just to go along with this one.

The P-10S provides outstanding value, and brings with it a solid history of reliable service. This is a near perfect recipe for most American CCW enthusiasts looking to get a pistol.

I will continue to update this article as we gain more experience with this little CZ, with hopes of helping others find their best affordable CCW option. If you like this review of the CZ P-10S, check out one of our other Pistol Reviews Here.


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