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Venison Butternut Curry

I recently shared one of my favorite recipes with the good folks at Carnivore Magazine. If you haven’t tried it yet, this video will probably have you salivating on your way to the kitchen. This recipe is particularly useful for old and perhaps neglected meats left over in the freezer. Give this a try!


2-3 lbs of red meat (Deer, elk, antelope)
Two onions (one red one white)
four tomatoes or a can of stewed tomatoes
four garlic cloves
two celery sticks (whole)
Fresh Cilantro
One Butternut Squash (or equivalent)
One can of Beef or Chicken broth
A handful of barley or oatmeal

About 1/4 cup of:
Red Wine
Soy sauce
Bacon grease or oil

About a tablespoon of the following:
Curry Powder (red or yellow)
oregano flakes

About half a Tablespoon of the following:

Mashed potatoes or rice makes an excellent base for this meal.