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Major League Chucker’s 7

The latest installment of your favorite series of varmint hunting adventures:

Todays chucks were mostly hunted with My SRS M2 in 6 GT, lots of springtime weather including snow and wind made this one a little more challenging than others. Hunting Marmots (woodchucks, rockchucks, groundhogs, etc.) is an incredibly fun hunting activity, if you haven’t tried it, you need to try Springtime Chuckin’.

Cougar Carnitas Adobado

Many people wouldn’t even consider eating a mountain lion, whether because its a cat, or because its a predator, or many other reasons. I was eager to try it, as I’d heard wonderful things about it. So I decided to go all out, and made a cougar ham slow cooked in an Adobo sauce (made from various chili peppers, onions, garlic, and some spices). It turned out spectacular, like a pulled pork.